Knowble, a computational linguistics company, would like to inform you that it utilises free text content published on your homepage. This is done similarly to search engine bots. Knowble repurposes news articles into language learning content. Knowble does this by first analysing texts for reading difficulty; and then by making a personalised selection of level-appropriate content for each learner. The content is enriched with personalised highlighting, translations and exercises; then it is distributed via our apps or accessed on your homepage via our browser extension. Knowble does this for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. In this way, Knowble makes content accessible for audiences that would not make use of it due to the language barrier.

Knowble makes use of texts only. Knowble does not analyse or evaluate any multimedia content (i.e. imagery, video, audio, etc.).

1. Knowble accesses and analyses texts:

  • in limited number
  • only 4 hours after publishing (when most of the traffic has gone)
  • without adjustment or content change

2. Knowble selects analysed texts based on:

  • user’s language level
  • user’s learning goals
  • user’s past activities

3. Knowble distributes analysed texts:

  • in limited number
  • only several hours after publishing
  • with reading help allowing second language learners to read
  • with incorporated source information, date of publishing, etc.

Thanks to this process, Knowble stimulates text understanding and vocabulary training by putting words in the right context at the learner’s level, preferences and learning goals. We would be happy to share more information with you if necessary. We further assume that in absence of a reaction to this letter you grant us permission to further utilise parts of your content. If you do not wish for Knowble to utilise your content, please contact us at