We are looking for an outstanding intern who will support our team with analytical mindset and computational linguistics expertise. Contact us if you want to apply your theoretical knowledge in a successful language-learning product. You will become an integral part of the Knowble team with offices in Amsterdam and Noordwijk (ESA Business Incubator).



Extending Knowble back-end to the Arabic language. Work will consist of a number of tasks:

  • Supporting our product owner and technical director
  • Researching Arabic language characteristics in relation to the computational linguistic tools used in Knowble
  • Searching for representative corpus data for Arabic language (training sets, feature data).
  • Using NLP techniques such as SVD, LSA, tokenization, lemmatization and POS tagging.

Job requirements

  • A good command of English and Arabic. Knowledge of Spanish, French, German, Dutch or Italian is an advantage.
  • Study in computational linguistics or computer science (AI)
  • Basic knowledge of Java
  • Knowledge of LSA, SVD and memory based taggers is an advantage.
  • Interest in language learning
  • Ability to think along & identify possibilities that lie outside your job description
  • Flexible, reliable and self-motivated

About Knowble

Knowble is an EdTech startup specialized in creating language learning products for major international publishers (i.e. Pearson, Cambridge University Press, Noordhoff, etc.).

Knowble focuses on creating automatized adaptive language learning products with the help of AI, computational linguistics and machine learning.

The environment is dynamic and requires flexibility. Career development prospects are promising due to the ongoing digitization of education.


  • Experience in working in a high-tech company where computational linguistics is used in products that matter to people.
  • Guidance on your work; (if applicable support with writing of your thesis).
  • A standard intern compensation.

How to apply

Please send your brief motivation and resume to info@knowble.eu. Direct your application to Jozef Misik. The application process can take several weeks.

Please contact us for any questions or concerns. We look forward to your response!

Acquisition by agencies is not appreciated.