Vocabulary is fun

With authentic sources targeting text comprehension, vocabulary learning is no longer a chore but an automatic result of reading your favourite news. As a learner, you get the individual attention you deserve and practise newly learned vocabulary with playful exercises. Enjoy!


Personalised news reading

Each learner reads the content that will be most efficient for him/her personally. The more articles a learner reads, the better the software can optimise the personalised content it displays. Smart.


The natural way of learning

Knowble is based on the online news reading experience familiar to all of us. This translates to zero effort for getting used to an idiosyncratic platform. Just click on the target word to get all the relevant information. Simple.




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Content creation costs are minimised through the automatised selection of material. With access to a massive amount of articles created every day and customisation options, possibilities are limitless.


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Content is always up-to-date. Knowble offers the latest news, which engages learners in a new way by eliminating the time lapse between content creation and content consumption.


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The learning effect is proven scientifically. Knowble's Artificial Intelligence is based on outcomes of high-quality research and every single algorithm targets a specific language acquisition component.



Our successes



Recipient of the Comenius Award



Knowble is an Alumnus of ESA Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk 2017